Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Houston!! We have CONTACT!!

WELL!!!! What can I say???? I'm probably ONE of the MANY who needs their hand held discovering the computer world. Things like: Wot the heck is "Flicka,Fitch and Blog???? Go figure!
I guess,I'm just one of those that want things EXPLAINED in PLAIN ENGLISH and not computer jargin.
So, I'm just starting out discovering all this and who knows-I might click on an icon and discover that I wasn't meant to do that! or wot the hell happened there.

So,patience is my friend now so heres hoping. I am still wondering what this has got to do with my job and how far can it take me.

Stay tuned ;0)


NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

Over the next few weeks the "computer jargon" will become alot clearer and the world of Flicka, fitch and blog will unravel! Congratulations on taking the first step!
P.S. It's OK to click on the wrong icon or get lost in space - all part of the learning!

Biblio Chick said...

By all means be bedazzled, but do not be confused, no matter how confusing it may seem. You have already done amazingly well for a newcomer to this magical world of cyberspace, so soldier on, the revelations will come and when they do you will indeed be bedazzled, just as I have been. I kicked and screamed and moaned and groaned and winged and whined my way through the first couple of exercises and then got hooked!!!! You will too - never mind work if that isn't your scene, but the fun things to do for yourself are legion - just keep going, you'll get there, I promise! A whole new world of wonder just waiting for you to join in!